What is OmniValley?

OmniValley is an exclusive, online investor network connectings those who invest in venture capital funds and/or directly into startup companies.

At OmniValley, we’ve built a platform specifically designed for investors that provides transparency and access into entrepreneurial ecosystems regardless of geography or market size. Our tools foster new and meaningful relationships among investors seeking to enter under-ventured and/or established markets.

Who uses OmniValley?

OmniValley’s members include accelerators, venture capital firms, family offices, angel groups and syndicates, endowments, foundations, larger limited partners, and accredited individual investors.

We carefully vet each member to ensure we are providing you high-quality connections.

Our startup members have only limited acces to the investor side of the platform, through double opt-in soft introductions. Startups do not get free access to invesotr contact details.

Does my firm, organization, or do I have to pay to become a member?

OmniValley’s ethos is that connections throughout the investor industry should be on us – membership and registration is currently free to vetted investor groups and individuals.

Startup members are charged to view the investor side of the platform and to send out requests for soft introductions.

What about startup companies and founders?

Startup founders can now join OmniValley as startup members. Premium startup members are able to request soft-introductions to our investor members. Startup members recieve 3 concurrent introduction requests, these requests will renew each week or when an investor responds to the request. This is to facilitate founder investor connections while balancing the high demand on investors attention.

How does OmniValley ensure exclusivity for its members?

The OmniValley team reviews incoming registrants and new investor profiles to ensure that joining investor organizations and individuals are legitimate and accredited investors.

We emphasize this process to make sure that we are providing our members with high-quality, accurate, and timely connection opportunities.

Where can I register?

Do as 350+ have – it’s simple!

Follow the quick steps here: