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Our Story

With the ever-increasing number of builders and innovators out there creating the next wave of startups, they can’t all be based in just a few pockets and ecosystems known around the globe. At least that’s what our founders thought when they sat down in Wisconsin one afternoon to discuss ways to better connect early investors and venture capital to their local communities. Fast forward a few years and we see coastal investors more involved in smaller markets, growing interest in companies building upon innovative technologies not typically found in those once massive startup hubs. Access should be open for all investors, exposure should be given to all startups. We envisioned connections into new regions based on member-inputted data and member-controlled introductions.

Launched in 2018 to better connect ALL involved in the venture capital industry - no matter where you are, you deserve to be found!

Meet the Team

The OmniValley team is passionate about connecting and growing entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world. Our mission is to grow and cultivate a social community for entrepreneurial ecosystems, enabling each of our Members to create new and impactful strategic relationships.

Grady Buchanan

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CEO & Founder


Zack Genthe

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COO & Founder


John Bruehler

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Henry Chi

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Legal & Compliance


Paul Plakut

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Technical & Security

  • What is OmniValley?
    OmniValley is an exclusive, online network connecting those throughout the venture capital industry. At OmniValley, we’ve built a platform specifically designed for funders and founders that provides transparency and access into entrepreneurial ecosystems regardless of geography or market size. Our tools foster new and meaningful relationships among Members seeking to enter under-ventured and/or established markets.
  • How does OmniValley ensure exclusivity for its members?
    OmniValley reviews incoming registrants and new investor and startup profiles to ensure that joining Members are all either accredited investors and/or startup company founders or employees. We emphasize this process to make sure that we are providing our Members with high-quality, accurate, and timely connection opportunities.
  • Who uses OmniValley?
    OmniValley’s Investor Members include accelerators, venture capital firms, family offices, angel groups and syndicates, endowments, foundations, larger limited partners, and accredited individual investors. Our Startup Members range from those with individual ideas to high-growth companies. The network is inclusive of all company types.
  • What about startup companies and founders?
    Startup founders and employees/representatives of the company can join OmniValley as Startup Members. OV Premium Startup Members can request soft-introductions to our Investor Members. OV Premium Members receive 3 concurrent introduction requests which do renew each week OR when an investor responds to the request. This is to facilitate funder > < founder connections more efficiently and to also limit the inbound inquiries to our Investor Members
  • Does my firm, organization, or do I have to pay to become a member?"
    OmniValley offers living, visible profiles for our Startup Members. These profiles can be seen by the Investor side of the network. For access to investor criteria and the ability to utilize the soft-introduction features, we offer OV Premium memberships for those interested. Profiles and comprehensive access are FREE for Investor Members. To that, we encourage our Investor Members to offer profile sponsorships and payment for their portfolio companies and founder friends living on the Startup Member side of the network.
  • Where can I register?
    Great question! Just follow the quick steps here:
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