Institutional Investors & Limited Partners

From the largest endowments, pensions, and foundations, to smaller family offices and angel groups, we support limited partners of all shapes and sizes.

Venture Capital
& Corporate Venture Capital

Including well-established VC firms, emerging managers, and corporations, our venture members are focused on fostering entrepreneurship and innovation across all industry types.

Accelerators & Incubators

Bringing new ideas to life.

Our accelerator members understand the importance of establishing relationships both inside and outside their own markets.

Accredited Individuals

For those seeking portfolio exposure and access to downstream capital resources for their company investments, our Angel members are an important part of our ecosystem.


The Big Picture

Members enter core investment criteria.


Intuitive and interactive search capabilities enable Members to locate, learn about, and build lasting relationships.

We even map it out for you!

Broader Connectivity

The My Valley dashboard gives Members the ability to monitor and get on one another’s watchlist to both widen their network as well as speed up the relationship building process.

Showcase Opportunities

Store and share pitch decks, executive summaries, and any relevant data and information.


Members can promote their organizations, their portfolios, and share information with each other in real time.


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COO & Founder

John Bruehler

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